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CAMWorks® VoluMill™ (High Performance Roughing Strategy)

CAMWorks® VoluMill™ is an optional and newly introduced milling toolpath engine within CAMWorks 2011 for 2.5 axis and 3 axis roughing operations. It is ideal for prismatic parts and complex 3-D shapes as its algorithms result in more intelligent toolpaths to machine pockets, slots, and arbitrary shapes. Volumill is well suited for machining soft as well as hard materials that are hard to chip, such as titanium, nickel-based alloys or stainless steel. The result is increased efficiency and utilization of machines, tools, labor and materials.

Program Smarter! Machine Faster! Improve Tool life

The high-performance roughing module, which is fully integrated in CAMWorks 2011, combines optimal milling paths and maximum material removal with minimized machining times. VoluMill’s unique approach to high speed material removal allows the programmer to determine the optimum material removal rate for any com-bination of part geometry, material, machine, and cutting tool. Material is removed in the most effective way possible. Consequently, machines run smoothly and tools run cooler.

  • Reduce your Cycle Times up to 80%
  • Reduce your programming times up to 50%
  • Increase your Cutting Tool Life up to 500%

Volumill is developed by Celeritive Technologies’ and the kernel has been successfully used in the market for years within standalone versions and other integrations.

Using Volumill in CAMWorks :

Machining in Action:

ElectrodeWorks – Electrodes for CAMWorks

ElectrodeWorks, is an optional module used to design electrodes for electrical discharge machining. The comprehensive and easy to use interface, automates all aspects of the calculation and design of EDM electrodes including design, management, documentation and manufacturing.

Create electrodes with just a few mouse clicks!

  • Fully integrated within SolidWorks/CAMWorks Solids to perform modeling, detailing, and core/cavity development
  • Based on core SolidWorks/ CAMWorks Solids modeling tools. This pro vides flexibility to further edit/modify the resultant electrode.
  • Desktop integrated solution without external file translation
  • Complete parametric data associativity
  • Automatic Electrode Extraction
  • Auto Drafting functionality to save tedious task of dimensioning the electrodes.
  • Includes standard elements from Erowa and 3R library.
  • Integrates any user-created parametric shapes, automatically displaying parameters in electrode dialogue box

ElectrodeWorks in Action :


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CAMWorks Brochure

The CAMWorks brochure provides an overview of CAMWorks software with its features and benefits.

CAMWorks High Speed Machining Brochure

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The CAMWorks data sheets provide information about the CAMWorks software and the individual CAM modules that are available.

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