Loyalty Pricing Program

Access Manufacturing Systems offers a promotional package for ProCAM users to provide a cost-effective upgrade from ProCAM to CAMWorks.

  • This package gives ProCAM users the combination of CAMWorks Solids; a solid modeling system to design better products faster and more accurately, plus CAMWorks; a seamlessly integrated, innovative CAM system for CNC machining that can significantly speed time to market.
  • Solid modeling has become common in today’s design industry and more and more companies are looking for CAM shops that have solid modeling capability. This package is an opportunity for ProCAM users to work with CAMWorks Solids and transition to CAMWorks at an attractive price.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade today!

To request a demo of CAMWorks, click here! Or, contact us today to receive additional information about the Loyalty Pricing Program for ProCAM customers!